Get More Matches, and More Dates on Tinder - And STOP Wasting Time with Matches that Go Nowhere! 
Derek Cajun, LoveSystems.Com
"Tinder changed the online dating landscape. With so many users there is a lot of potential for guys who know how to use the app to their advantage."
About "Matches: The Tinder Book for Men" 
We're going to show you exactly why 95% of guys never get results on Tinder, and how you can beat them all using a few simple hacks.

This is the ONLY resource you need to start getting more matches, with better looking women, and have them eager to meet up with you in minutes or hours - not days, or weeks or months! 

Here's what you're going to get. 

Learn how to Hack the Tinder Algorithm

We're going to show you the mistakes that you're probably making that is causing your profile to get BURIED under other guys profiles, and not even shown to the women who are actually looking to meet up. 

Discover how tinder’s secret algorithm works, and how to exploit it to get more matches, better matches, and matches with women who are more likely to respond to you.

Discover the Secret to Making Profiles That Make Her Swipe

Find out how to structure your profile so that women start messaging YOU without any action required on your part.

Discover how your favourite picture might very well be the one that is causing women to swipe away. 

How to use subtext in your profile so you can basically brag like crazy about the cool stuff in your life – without anyone noticing or thinking you’re a douche.

A strategy called “casting breadcrumbs” which will get women to message YOU first, and get them to eagerly reply to your messages.

How to deal with your flaws so that that they are NOT holding you back, and in fact can help you make a connection with the right type of woman.

The Secrets of Messages that Get Replies

I’m going to give you 10 messaging strategies that you can use on tinder to make every conversation unique and interesting.

You're going to learn the key emotions you need to make a woman feel before she meets up with you. 

You're also going to learn why some guys make a move too fast, and other guys wait too long, and how to know exactly the right speed to go. 

How to really build attraction over chat (and not LOSE it)

How to get women TURNED ON over text or messenger without being weird or creepy (so you can get booty calls like nobody’s business.

How to get her to picture meeting up with you in the first 5 minutes of your conversation, so when you invite her out later, it feels natural like it was HER IDEA.- How to use subtext in your profile so you can basically brag like crazy about the cool stuff in your life – without anyone noticing or thinking you’re a douche.

The Three Models of Tinder Success

I’ll show you the three key seductive models that get the most results from Tinder, and how to know which one best fits your personality. 

You're going to learn how you can be 100% HONEST with women, yet still get awesome results so you never have to feel creepy or weird about what you're doing on Tinder - or worry that it might hurt your reputation. 

I'll also show you the secret step that most guys miss when they are trying to get her to meet up (that you will never forget after you read this book).


Don't wait! Use this system before it catches on! 

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